How to Order

Step 1 - Browse your preferred items and add them to your Cart.

Begin your online shopping experience by selecting the desired items. You can utilize various filtering options tailored to your preferences, such as size, price, or availability, to streamline your selection process. Once you are satisfied with your choice(s) , proceed by adding them to your cart by clicking on "Add to cart"

Alternatively, you could choose to click on "Buy it now" to be directly forwarded to Checkout. 

Step 2 - Verify the items in your Cart

You can access the contents of your Cart by clicking on the Cart icon in the top right corner of your screen.


Once there, please verify your order to make sure you have chosen the correct item(s) and in the appropriate quantity you intended.

Click on the "Checkout" button after verification to proceed to the Checkout page.

Step 3 - Enter your Details 

At this stage, you will be prompted to provide your personal details as well as contact details for delivery.

It is essential that you input your full name, address and phone number to avoid shipping issues. 

In case you do not know your POSTAL CODE, you may use this link to find out. 

This is also where you will have the option of choosing the shipping method that best suits your needs. (Kindly note that some shipping methods might have additional shipping costs attached to them.)

Step 4 - Proceed to Payment

Once you are satisfied with all the details you have input and chosen, click on Pay Now to proceed to the Payment Page. 

You will have the option to choose between Card Payment and Juice by MCB to proceed with your payment. 

Note : Blink, MyT Money & POP will soon be available. 

Step 5 - Shipping Confirmation

Wait for the confirmation that your order has been shipped via SMS or email (depending on which piece of information you submitted during Checkout.) 

Things to keep in mind about shipping.

1. Any order submitted on any given day before 15:00 (MUT) will be processed and shipped within the next two (2) working days.

2. Any order submitted on any given day after 15:00 (MUT) will be processed and shipped within the next three (3) working days.

Please view our Shipping Policy for more details about Shipping.